Australia’s Most Experienced, Successful and Award-Winning Graffiti and Stain Removal Experts.

We are the market leader in stain and graffiti removal, with over 40 years experience. During the last four decades we have developed a solid reputation for our unique ability to remove any type of stain off a hard surface and graffiti removal, from any surface and from any location, fast!

Not only are we able to achieve superb and quick results for clients, but we are also able to remove unsightly stains and graffiti without scarring or leaving any shadows.

Plus, our proprietary equipment, technology and systems enable us to cut labour cost by 45% over the industry average. Whether your stain or graffiti problem is big or small, our promise is simple: we’ll get it off efficiently, super-fast and cost effectively!

The Stain Eaters uses advanced market-leading technologies to ensure that graffiti and stains on hard surfaces are completely removed in full compliance with current OH&S, International Quality (ISO) and Environmental Management Standards.

Our team of Stain Removal Experts operate nationally around Australia in all capital cities.


What’s The Stain Eaters’ secret to success?

We think that surviving in this tough cut-throat industry year-in, year-out is no ordinary feat… Especially since most graffiti and stain removalists fail within 5 years of operation.

We have survived and thrived through market recessions, corrections and global financial crisis, and after four busy decades we still continue to grow!

Simply put, we don’t cut corners and our professional service is purely scientific.

All jobs are comprehensively tested to determine the best removal method — before we proceed — so your property remains undamaged in the process.

We make no assumptions because every situation is different.

So before removing any stain or graffiti – no matter how big or small – we test a patch of the affected area to determine the best way to fix the problem. And we meticulously prepare for the stain removal to achieve remarkable results.

This process is more time-consuming, but we don’t cut corners!

To ensure the highest level of best business practice, The Stain Eaters is managed to International Standards (ISO). We were the first company in our industry to achieve these high standards for quality, back in 1995.

We’ve developed our proprietary surface restoration system from the ground up.

No other company has access to the state-of-the-art formulations and environmental equipment that we have devised.

Custom Built Vehicles

Our custom-built Surface Restoration Vehicles, chemical technology and quality processes have all been purpose-built and designed for graffiti removal.

Back in the early days our founder decided that we cannot restore surfaces properly and in full compliance to legislation operating out of a UTE or a light tray truck with a pressure cleaner. So, from the very beginning, we decided to invest in the best equipment needed to get the job done quickly, efficiently and under full compliance.

We employ qualified Mechanical Engineers who study the science of surface deposit removal from substrates to ensure our technology is at the cutting-edge of technological development.

Highly Trained Technicians

Every one of our Surface Restoration Technicians is qualified via our ‘University of Graffitiology’ training program that takes 12 months to complete.

Of course, superb talent and skill must go hand-in-hand with a person’s purpose in life. That’s why we only hire people who share our passion and purpose for delivering excellent customer service without exception!

Top Level Technology

We have also developed revolutionary Anti-Graffiti Coating Technology that creates an ‘invisible barrier’ guarding your property from paint, permanent marker and adhesives. With this special technology you can rest assured you’re protected against future attempts – a perfect solution for areas prone to graffiti!

Our clients are impressed that four management standards have been integrated in the company to ensure our clients receive consistent quality, delivered via safe work practices with appropriate risk management, and designed with a commitment to the long-term interests of our environment.

Plus, our Integrated Management System is audited by third party auditors to ensure the level of service delivered to our clients is first class and constantly improving. Yes, we believe in constant, never-ending improvement!

Of course, we don’t simply wish to impress you with all these benefits, but to inform you that we take extraordinary measures so you can be assured your graffiti removal work will be done once, and done right.

We Protect Clients

To legally protect clients we meet the following standards of best business practice:

  • Full Certification to Quality Management ISO9001 – our work is conducted to this high international standard.
  • Full Certification to OH&S Management ISO45001 – A full Risk Assessment is conducted on ALL jobs to ensure your property is cleaned safely and properly. No shortcuts!
  • Full Certification to Environmental Management ISO14001 – we love the environment and have successfully performed many delicate environmental clean-up jobs required after industrial accidents.
  • $20 Million Public Liability Insurance for your protection.

On top of all that, we have a full-time Cert IV qualified Safety and Training Officer on the team, so we are up-to-date with all current safety procedures.

Unfortunately, our industry is not regulated, so you have to be wary of some unscrupulous providers who undercut price and work in an unsafe manner. About 20% of our work is handed to us by our competitors – not willingly, of course!

You see, we regularly are called to fix damage created by competitors who didn’t have the right tools, techniques and systems to deal with the graffiti.

Yes, this job requires more than a light tray truck with a pressure cleaner!

You’ll love dealing with us

Let’s face it, graffiti and stains are a nuisance! The last thing you want is having to chase tradesmen who are never on time and always leave a mess. But, that’s the reality. If you’re a busy executive, office or council worker, or school administrator you want that graffiti or stain problem gone as soon as it comes, right?

Well we constantly train and upgrade our team. We leave nothing to chance and ‘we inspect what we expect’ on an ongoing basis. To provide a superb customer service we have invested in state of the art custom-written software packages to control and manage the company.

We also use a Cloud-based client portal for job management, and Tablet and Smartphone technology so we cause minimum distraction to your daily schedule.

Plus, our Surface Restoration Vehicles are equipped with the latest GPS technology for accountability and efficiency.

We go to great measures to make sure that our team delivers a superb customer service that goes beyond your expectations.

Our Clients

Our clients include large international corporations and smaller businesses, councils and local governments, insurance companies and building firms, as well as residential clients.

National and International Corporations with multiple assets

If you are a busy asset manager with hundreds of retail outlets to look after, you need a service provider that operates nationally with one contact point.

One that is reliable and takes on the responsibility to get the job done, and keeps you informed so that your KPI’s are met.

Here we understand your targets and frustrations, that’s why we know that we can make your life easier when it comes to tackling your graffiti or stain problem.

Individual Property Owner or Small Business

As a time-strapped business owner you have better things to do then having to chase up tradesman. If your small business has been tagged by graffiti or has a stain your need removed on a hard surface – then we can remove it quickly and cost effectively!

Council and local government

As a hard-working local government officer you know all about compliance and paperwork!

Your challenge is finding a contractor who gets the job done the first time, on time, and complies with all the acts and regulations without cutting corners. Well, The Stain Eaters fits the bill!

Schools and Universities

You run a school on a tight budget and graffiti is one thing you don’t have time for, but you understand the effect it can have on school culture and morale.

Your challenge is finding a contractor who gets the job done the first time, on time, and complies with all the acts and regulations without cutting corners.

Adequate insurance, working with children checks and vehicles fitted with flashing lights and reversing beepers are vital for your compliance.

Well, The Stain Eaters comply with all of this, all with our specially devised, difficult access equipment, we’ll be in and out in no time.

Insurance Companies and Building Firms

If you are a busy claims officer or building firm that works in the insurance industry, you have a demanding role representing the face of your company and ensuring the insured has a pleasant experience throughout and after their claim is made.

You also have to control costs, and we are the stain and graffiti removal experts who understand that!

Long history in stain and graffiti removal

Since 1977 we have been providing an express stain and graffiti removal service Australia-wide, that’s because graffiti vandals can strike at any time, targeting any surface from an old roller door to high radio towers to schools and office buildings, and even cars, trains and buses.

We can safely remove graffiti from hundreds of surfaces!

We understand graffiti psychology

Some surfaces like brick, sandstone or granite can be very unforgiving. Graffiti can penetrate and soak deep into the surface, like ink into chalk, and they are the surfaces graffiti vandals target the most.

Many removal companies can only remove graffiti from simple surfaces, and resort to abrasive techniques or the quick-and-easy ‘paint over’ solution. But, in line with our business motto, we decided to specialise in those ‘tough’ jobs that require an extraordinary level of skill, patience and experience to restore any surface to its original condition.

A passion to preserve the beauty of this awesome country

What gets us out of bed every morning is the passion to keep this beautiful country clean and graffiti-free. Ugly graffiti tags and murals demoralise society, destroy our country’s precious heritage and spoil our national treasures!

Even though this is our business, we don’t take graffiti tagging lightly. That’s why we also work in conjunction with the Police Special Operations Group to apprehend and prosecute vandals and fight the graffiti problem.

Since 1977 our goal remains the same: remove graffiti and stains quickly—and without anyone noticing the graffiti and stains were there in the first place!

To date, that goal hasn’t changed, but, with the advance of the latest technology, we can achieve better results, faster and more cost-effectively for clients.
If you have any questions about our professional stains and graffiti removal service please see Frequently Asked Questions.

We’ve expanded our services significantly since 1977 to be able to service our customers better.