For your peace of mind, The Stain Eaters work practices are fully covered by a $20 Million dollar Public Liability Insurance Policy.

The Stain Eaters is a subsidiary of The Stain Eaters Pty Ltd.

Feel free to download this and keep a copy on file. Details are as follows:

  • Public Liability
  • Cover for $20 million
  • Company: CGU Insurance Limited
  • Policy Number: 10M 8121015

Work Cover

All our team members are protected by Work Cover Insurance Policies. Details are as follows:

CGU Workers Compensation
Policy No: 5562750
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South Australia
Work Cover SA
Policy No: E13453803
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New South Wales
CGU Workers Compensation
Policy No: 104736301
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Work Cover Queensland
Policy No: WBA990316736/LOGN
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