At The Stain Eaters, in addition to providing state-of-the-art graffiti removal, we provide many of Australia’s top commercial property owners with chewing gum removal and pavement pressure cleaning services for hard masonry surfaces.

Chewing gum leaves unsightly blotches on footpaths and furniture. Once you see one, they seem to multiply like chicken pox, and yes it can be removed.

Let us tidy up those unsightly pathways covered in chewing gum with a heated water pressure wash down, and restore your property’s clean image!

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chewing gum pressure cleaning

Melt away the Gum

Chewing gum when it dries attracts dirt and grime and leaves unsightly dark blotches on footpaths that are unhygienic. Chewing gum is chemically inert so it is not easily broken down and removed using chemicals. Dry Ice and steam processes do work but they are extremely slow and don’t clean the entire footpath which can lead to blotchiness and over clean marks.

The method that gives the best result and is most cost efficient is hot water pressure cleaning.

Our Surface Restoration Vehicles are set up in every way to cater for the removal of chewing gum, including all the necessary pedestrian and traffic control equipment to block pathways and warn pedestrians. Surface Restoration Vehicles also have boiler units incorporated that superheats water and is quickly able to melt and dissolve chewing gum, releasing its bond from the surface via pressure cleaning.

Coupled with this we can collect waste water (no chemical is used in this process) and pump it to garden beds helping the surrounding environment. All in all a complete one stop shop saving you money!

This process not only removes the chewing gum but also cleans the entire substrate at the same time resulting in a fresh new pathway. Chemical treatment is sometimes required to get an even finish if the chewing gum is very old and the concrete has been oxidised by UV radiation from the sun leaving blotchiness.

Specialist site and location access

Regardless of the location, our Surface Restoration Technicians can manage pedestrians and vehicles, footpath closure permits and wastewater to get your paths looking good with minimal cost and inconvenience.

We’ve pressure cleaned many of Australia’s prime historical buildings and top suburban shopping centres to rid them of unsightly and slippery moss, oil, chewing gum and dirt.

We are the FIRST and oldest stain removal experts in Australia.

For 40 years, we’ve been using the most advanced stain and graffiti removal technology available. All Stain Eaters specialists undergo a rigorous one-year training program.

The results? We’ll get stains out of hard surfaces quickly and your building will look like new.

footpath cleaning

pathway cleaning

Concrete Cleaning

Over time, concrete gets covered in stains and algae and moss that fills the tiny pores in the concrete making it dark in colour and slippery under foot.

Using advanced water jetting technology, our Surface Restoration Technicians are able to remove stains from concrete like rubber tyre marks, oil stains, moss and algae, rust, tar, paint, and fibreglass resin from the pores of the concrete surface, restoring it back to its original condition without any substrate damage or cleaning marks visible at the completion of the job.

The secret is using equipment that is water efficient, fast to use to reduce time on site and performed by well-trained technicians that don’t leave behind cleaning marks and lines when your concrete dries out.

Our comprehensive chewing gum removal & pavement cleaning service also includes:

  • Individual stain Identification and expert consultation
  • All local permits for road and footpath closures
  • Licensed experienced Technicians
  • Fast, custom built truck mounted equipment
  • Advice on surface sealing options to make future cleaning easy
  • Documentation and management of OH&S risks

The Stain Eaters Rock-Solid Guarantee – We Get it Right the First Time

We have more than 40 years of experience with specialised stain removal and we’ll make it simple – and fully compliant. We’ll get it right the first time and help you maintain the value and appearance of your property.