Factory Floor Coatings

Factory interiors take an industrial-grade beating every day from pedestrians, forklifts, chemicals, and daily production.

When a tenant moves out or it’s time to re-tool, it’s the perfect time to fix and refinish floors and walls.

non slip coatings

Non-Slip Coatings

Floors, driveways and walkways that are either uncoated or have been left to deteriorate can quickly become uneven and slippery and dangerous.

Left untreated, these surfaces become hazardous and put you and at risk.

driveway sealing services

Driveway Sealing

For many, the driveway is the entrance to your business or home and the first thing your visitors see.

Unfortunately, the driveway is often overlooked when cleaning or performing regular maintenance.

driveway pavement sealing

Pavement Sealing

Pavement areas and driveways are often ignored when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

However, research shows that they are the top areas most often noticed by visitors and passers-by!

Timber Deck Staining

Is your deck looking tired or faded by UV light and in need of some TLC?

Merbau and Jarrah make amazing natural timber decks, with our timber decking rejuvenation process will have it looking brand new again.

anti graffiti coatings

Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Protect your property and signage from expensive and unsightly graffiti using the latest and most effective anti-graffiti coating.

Graffiti vandalism is on the increase and the risk is greater than ever before!