Mould is a type of fungus which possesses a remarkable ability to flourish and thrive in damp conditions, particularly on various man-made surfaces like concrete, plaster, glass, and metal. Given the presence of dirt or any other form of organic debris on these surfaces, mould finds a suitable breeding ground, facilitating its growth and proliferation.

Once mould takes hold, it can rapidly disseminate and propagate through the dispersal of airborne spores. These microscopic particles float through the air, effortlessly finding their way into new areas and perpetuating the cycle of mould colonisation and expansion.

In specific settings such as commercial kitchens or other facilities that feature cool rooms, the prevalence of dampness can create an environment conducive to mould development. To ensure the cleanliness, hygiene, and adherence to relevant regulations within such spaces, it becomes essential to enlist the expertise of skilled professionals specialising in mould removal and pressure cleaning.

By engaging their services on a regular basis, you can effectively maintain a pristine facility, free from contaminants, and guarantee that your property remains compliant with the necessary standards and regulations.

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Importance of mould removal

The importance of mould removal cannot be overstated due to several significant factors. Firstly, mould has the potential to emit unpleasant odours, creating an unpleasant and unwelcoming environment. Moreover, it poses a direct health risk, manifesting in various conditions such as headaches, fatigue, and respiratory infections. It is worth noting that approximately 30% of the population is allergic to mould spores, making it crucial to prioritise the removal of mould to safeguard the well-being of anyone that uses the location.

Furthermore, the presence of mould in a facility storing food can lead to the transfer of health risks, such as Listeria, to the stored items. This, in turn, poses a severe threat to the health and well-being of your customers, potentially resulting in illness. By actively addressing and removing mould, you can ensure that the food in your establishment remains safe for consumption and maintain the health and satisfaction of your clientele.

In addition to health concerns, addressing mould removal is essential for meeting relevant obligations and regulatory requirements. Health authorities and head-office inspections necessitate adherence to specific cleanliness and hygiene standards, including the removal of mould. By proactively taking steps to eradicate mould, you can ensure that your facility passes these inspections, avoiding potential penalties and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Mould Removal Done Right

It is worth emphasising that removing mould can be a complex task that goes beyond traditional cleaning methods. Ordinary scrubbing with regular cleaning products may not suffice. To address this challenge, our team has developed a range of specialised cleaning solutions, including super hot water pressure cleaning. These advanced techniques are carried out by our skilled professionals using our custom-built surface restoration vehicles, ensuring thorough and effective mould removal.

Many clients express concern about the risk of the job not being performed to the highest standards. However, compromising on the quality of mould removal is not worth the potential consequences. The health and safety of your customers and employees, as well as the reputation of your business, should never be compromised merely to save a few dollars. By investing in professional mould removal services, you can mitigate these risks, prevent potential lawsuits, and safeguard your reputation within the industry.

The Stain Eaters Mould Removal process:

  • Conduct a personalized site risk assessment
  • Isolate the contaminated area
  • Identify and remove the source
  • Remove debris surrounding the mould such as dirt and condensation
  • Apply a proprietary solution to break down the molecular structure of the mould, making it easier to remove the stain and its associated health risks
  • Remove the mould in a non-abrasive manner to avoid leaving any marks or damage on the original surface
  • Ensure the whole area is left clean, dry and free from mould stains and bacteria

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National Service Provider

The Stain Eaters have performed mould removal for 40+ years’.

National and international retailers such as Woolworths and KFC utilise our services so they can minimise the risks they are subjected to.

We conduct mould removal throughout Melbourne, Geelong, Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Adelaide.

The Stain Eaters Rock-Solid Guarantee – We Get it Right the First Time

We have more than 40 years of experience with specialised stain removal and we’ll make it simple – and fully compliant. We’ll get it right the first time and help you maintain the value and appearance of your property.