Let the professionals at The Stain Eaters show you how to chemically treat, and pressure clean away those unsightly oil stains and restore your property’s clean image, and:

  • Meet all OH&S, Environmental and local regulations
  • Avoid the costly mistakes that ‘general purpose’ cleaners create who can soak the stain further in
  • Seal your surface to make future cleaning easy

At The Stain Eaters, we provide many of Australia’s top commercial property owners with oil stain removal, and pressure cleaning services of hard masonry surfaces.

We’ve pressure cleaned many of Australia’s prime historical buildings and top suburban motor dealerships to rid them of unsightly oil stains.

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Oil and Grease Removal from Factory Floors and Roads

Oil stains look unsightly on any driveway and are dangerous slip hazards. They can be difficult to remove because oil is able to soak in and penetrate deep into porous masonry surfaces like concrete, bitumen and clay pavers.

The type of oil effects the method used in removal. Hydraulic oil, gearbox oil, cooking oil and carbonised engine oil that has gone through the combustion process, all require different processes.

Unfortunately it only takes one incorrect process to permanently stain many surfaces. It is important that oil is removed from the surface as soon as possible to prevent deep penetration.

If you are unfortunate enough to sustain a spill, cover the area with sand, saw dust or kitty litter to soak up as much oil as possible. Our team can clean this up and dispose of responsibly on arrival.

The Process

A three step chemical solution is used to remove the oil.

  • Step 1 – Trace in and dissolve the molecular structure of the oil.
  • Step 2 – Suspend the oil in situ preventing further absorption.
  • Step 3 – Draw the oil in suspended chemical solution to the surface.

The oil is then removed from the surface using heated water high pressure cleaning and the entire area neutralised and deep pressure washed.

It is important to note that the surface must be dry for the process to work effectively and depending on the age of the oil stain and the level of absorption, a slight stain mark can remain that does fade over a few weeks of UV light from the sun.

Grease is generally easier to remove than oil because it tends to sit on the top of surfaces due to its consistency. A similar process to that of oil is used.

oil spill clean up

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Complete Service Offered

Extensive research by our Engineering Department has developed a range of processes and equipment to clean up your worst problem spills, quickly and environmentally safely.

Whether your problem is oil spots on a driveway or a major oil spill over a road, our team can organise the road closure, contain oil spread, chemically neutralise to restore the substrate, pressure clean and vacuum collect and safely discharge the waste without harm to the environment.

Our Comprehensive Grease Extraction Service Also Includes:

Garage Floor Oil Stains

Garage floors in residential homes often encounter occasional oil stains or spills. However, there are instances where these surfaces can suffer from severe staining, as shown here.

Cleaning oil stains and spills can be challenging, particularly when a large area is heavily affected. It may seem impossible to restore the floor to its clean state.

Concrete floors are highly porous, allowing them to quickly absorb liquids such as oil from car engines. Therefore, to effectively remove these stains and clean the concrete floor, a specialised treatment process is required. This process is designed to break down the oil and extract it from within the substrate.

At The Stain Eaters, we have developed our own unique cleaning solution and treatment process specifically for oil stains on concrete. It can effectively remove stains of all sizes and types.

In the case of a particularly heavy stain, like the one shown here, it is crucial to allow the solution to remain on the affected area for a suitable duration after application. This gives the treatment enough time to work on the stubborn buildup and deeply penetrated oil.

Once the treatment has had sufficient time to act, the area can be washed using hot water and a spin-jet pressure cleaning system equipped with a vacuum system. This combination of process and heat helps draw out the oil and stain, effectively cleaning the concrete. In severe cases of initial staining, it may be necessary to repeat this process multiple times to achieve the best possible outcome.

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The Stain Eaters Rock-Solid Guarantee – We Get it Right the First Time

We have more than 40 years of experience with specialised stain removal and we’ll make it simple – and fully compliant. We’ll get it right the first time and help you maintain the value and appearance of your property.