Not only is pavement cleaning not a fun job, if it’s not done correctly you could damage the surface as well as waste your money!

Perhaps it’s time to rejuvenate your ‘tired-looking’ family home.

Maybe you’re thinking of placing a property on the market and naturally are looking to get the highest price possible and maximise your return

Maybe you have had pavement cleaning, sealing or restoration done before or attempted it yourself but were not happy with the final outcome.

New look, great protection

Pavement areas such as pathways, outdoor entertainment areas and driveways are often ignored when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

However, research shows that they are the top areas most often noticed by visitors and passers-by!

Not only does a stained, cracked or fading pavement make your house or business look neglected, unsightly and uninviting, it also drags down its value and presents real danger to bare feet, little children and visitors!

That’s where our cutting-edge service that includes paint removal and hard surface resurfacing can make a world of a difference!

Our comprehensive pavement cleaning service also includes:

  • Individual stain Identification and expert consultation
  • All local permits for road and footpath closures where necessary
  • Licensed experienced Technicians from a firm with 40+ years’ experience
  • Fast, custom built truck mounted equipment
  • Advice of surface sealing options to make future cleaning easy
  • Documentation and management of OH&S risks

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driveway sealing

Get the Look You Want!

Once we’ve removed the dirt, grime, and smudges from your old pavers, we can apply a coating system to provide the look you want.

We take into consideration the environment in which the pavers must perform: if it’s in a high-traffic location, we’ll apply a stronger coating.

We provide a wide range of different coating options depending on budget, desired look, life span, and traffic flow requirements.

We can restore pavers made from just about any material including sandstone – which can be especially difficult to clean and restore.

Masonry surfaces are very porous and absorb stains like a sponge. The trick to removing stains is using a system that softens the staining and draws it to the surface, then allowing it to be cleanly removed from the surface.

This approach is different to most operators who use abrasive methods of pavement cleaning such as scrubbing, sanding and chiseling. Pavers are softer than most people realise and will crumble and crack when placed under this type of duress.

A client example

The Stain Eaters were called to rejuvenate a tired entrance way to a house that made it look unsightly and uninviting. As you can see in the YouTube video here, hiring The Stain Eaters will make an enormous difference to the presentation of your home.

Our client, Mike O’Donnell, initially tried to grind off the paint, but after hours of toil and hard work, he lost his motivation.

“After a couple of hours of wrestling with the screaming grinder I decided that this wasn’t for me!

When I took a closer look at the pattern paving grooves, the fading paint and deep cracks, I figured that a different solution was needed. I have called upon the services of The Stain Eaters more than once; they are amazing at making spray paint completely disappear.

What pleasantly surprised me was that their Technician’s really took the time to carefully inspect and determine the extent of the problem. After asking me some questions they promised to follow up with in a few days with a quote – and sure enough, he did!

As promised, I received an email with a quote for the proposed works. This quote was different to your typical quote: it was detailed and thorough. These guys don’t try to hoodwink, they even informed me about all terms and conditions, and an expectation of how long the process would take.

Though I was originally quoted two days, it actually took three to complete due to some extra challenges getting the old paint off. But I was kept informed and updated the whole time, and I was happy as the team at The Stain Eaters were determined to get all of the old surface coating off to provide a good surface for the new product to adhere to.

I always knew what was happening and they were even careful not to damage the plants nearby – something that my wife was pleased about!

Having seen the works done first hand, I think that the project was excellent value for money. It was certainly great workmanship.

I am so glad that I called The Stain Eaters to do the job as, it saved, MANY weekends by doing the job myself. Now the entrance makes me proud, it compliments the surroundings, and it certainly looks like something I look forward to coming home and seeing.

I recommend The Stain Eaters to anyone with run-down buildings, driveways and walkways!”

Mike O’Donnell.

anti-slip driveway painting

When you engage our specialised services, you are protected by the following:

If salt deposits are staining your walls, give The Stain Eaters a call for a solution!

Our qualified technicians will first investigate the stain to ensure that we correctly identify the cause, and then determine the correct solution to the problem.

The Stain Eaters Rock-Solid Guarantee – We Get it Right the First Time

We have more than 40 years of experience with exterior cleaning and we’ll make it simple – and fully compliant. We’ll get it right the first time and help you maintain the value and appearance of your property.