A clean Skylight can makes a Huge difference and Saves Power Bills!

Are the sky lights on your factory, workshop or warehouse roof area blocking out more sunlight than they are letting in?

Most of these commercial facilities have large sections of skylights in the roof to let through the natural sun and help to light the internal space. These can also help to reduce the power bill for a business operating in such a location.

Given the flat structure of such roofs with minimal incline, they tend to accumulate dust and dirt quickly. This accumulation, over time, transforms into a breeding ground for mould, subsequently creating a dark, grimy film over the skylights.

This grimy layer significantly hampers the skylights’ functionality to allow sunlight to pass through, leading to a noticeable shift in indoor lighting conditions. Consequently, the organization becomes excessively reliant on electrical lighting, often witnessing an upsurge in energy expenditure.

One of our specialized services at The Stain Eaters includes skylight cleaning for warehouses and factories.

Custom Built Equipment

Our custom-built vehicles, fitted with industrial grade pressure cleaning systems, enable our technicians to execute this task swiftly and proficiently. These vehicles are perfect for large skylight cleaning tasks.

The pressure cleaning unit is installed on our surface restoration vehicles, and powered by PTO from the vehicles engine. The pressure washing system utilizes water from an onboard tank which, after passing through a boiler unit, allows for water pressure adjustment according to the cleaning requirements.

Also fixed on the vehicle is an industrial grade pressure cleaning hose reel, which can accommodate up to 100 meters of hose length. This set up ensures that all heavy-duty equipment remains on the ground, with only our technician operating on your roof to cleanse the skylights.

As an environmentally conscious, quality assured, and OHS certified company, The Stain Eaters can effectively handle skylight cleaning tasks while ensuring an eco-friendly and safe approach.

Our technicians use safety harnesses as needed to ensure a safe working environment on the roof. They also utilize specialized filters to capture any potential debris runoff into gutters and down pipes.

By tailoring the water pressure to an appropriate level, our team can clean your skylights without causing any damage, restoring them to their original state and thereby ensuring optimal sunlight penetration.

The Process

  • Safe Access is organised to the roof area. Our Technicians wear fall arrest harnesses while on your roof
  • Your down pipes are rediverted to ensure waste does not end up in storm water drains or water tanks
  • A chemical process can be used if required by our team to soften the dirt, lichen and moss on the fibreglass
  • The sky lights are pressure cleaned using specialised high pressure washing equipment which is fast and efficient
  • Waste water vacuum recovery is utilised to process the water bi product produced so that it can be recycled and used on garden beds

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Our Comprehensive Sky Light Pressure Cleaning Service also includes:

  • Individual stain Identification and expert consultation
  • All local permits for road and footpath closures as required
  • Licensed experienced Technicians
  • Documentation and management of OH&S risks

You’re also protected by our qualifications:

The Stain Eaters Rock-Solid Guarantee – We Get it Right the First Time

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