Our team is totally committed to you and solving your cleaning and coating challenges efficiently!

We all know the stigma attached to tradesman not getting back to you, or honouring what they say they will do.

We want to remove any risk you may feel in allowing our team to work on your asset and back up our commitment with our hard earned $dollars$ !

Satisfaction Guarantee of The Stain Eaters

Our guarantee to you, is that if we fail to honour a commitment we make to you in writing via an email or quotation, we will not only fix the issue but also deduct 10% off your account!

We are ready and waiting for you to put our team to the test.


If you instruct our team to conduct work then you are consenting to our terms and conditions including our terms of payment.

No other terms are applicable.

Should a quotation we have provided you be successful, we require written acceptance either via hard copy, email or by completing our online webform before we can begin to schedule this work or pre-order items with long lead times. Your co-operation in this regard will assist us to meet your schedule.

Terms and Conditions – The Stain Eaters subsidary of The Graffiti Eaters Pty Ltd

  1. The client agrees for The Graffiti Eaters Pty. Ltd. to work on the specific site to carry out cleaning works on their behalf.
  2. The client will be receiving a professional and thorough cleaning service from a quality assured company. Our service encompasses only the latest in high-tech chemicals, developed to soften and suspend stains which when combined with water under pressure restores the surface back to its original state. The art of removing stains is a science that tries to restore a surface back to its original condition without damage to the underlying substrate.
  3. No guarantees can ever be given as to the result obtainable as it depends upon the porosity of the substrate, the type and age of the stain and whether the actual method of application disfigured the substrate. These facts are not known without testing. We assure you that the results achieved with the processes developed by our team are the very best obtainable.
  4. You should be aware that we have made no allowances for the removal of any obstacles that may obstruct access to the work area and that we require water and vehicle access to the work site.
  5. All care will be taken but no responsibility can be accepted for any water, paint or chemical entering the building or causing damage.
  6. No allowance has been made for containment and removal of waste unless stated on an appraisal. It is the responsibility of the client to have an electrician inspect any electrical fittings in the area on completion of the work.
  7. The client agrees to submit all work requests in writing in the way of a purchase order, a webform or a fax on company letterhead with the correct billing details, contact name and contact numbers made clear.
  8. All insurance excesses are to be paid prior to the work commencing.
  9. Unless explicitly stated in an appraisal our standard working days are Monday to Friday between the hours of 7am and 5pm. Work required to be done outside these hours or on weekends and public holidays will incur additional costs.
  10. Property in the goods remains at all times with The Graffiti Eaters Pty. Ltd. (TGE) until payment is received in full at head office.
  11. Any claims must be made in writing within 48 hours of receipt of the goods or services. Claims should quote the client contact, site details and invoice/job number.
  12. Goods will not be accepted for credit unless ratified by The Graffiti Eaters Pty. Ltd.
  13. Orders are not subject to cancellation except by mutual agreement and must be submitted in writing.
  14. Prices quoted on products do not include freight unless stated.
  15. The client will be required to pay any goods and services tax (GST) imposed by the Federal Government, which will be added to The Graffiti Eaters fees and included in The Graffiti Eaters account to the client.
  16. Trading terms are strictly payment required in full prior to works commencing by cash, MasterCard, Visa Card or direct debit into our account: Name: The Graffiti Eaters Pty Ltd / BSB: 063 246 / Acc. No: 001 656 69
  17. The client agrees to pay The Graffiti Eaters its fees and charges in relation to works carried out.
  18. Our ability to pay our hard working Team Members and Suppliers rests on our clients doing their part to maintain the cash-flow cycle. An Administration Fee of $50 will be charged if a demand letter has to be issued. If the matter has to be referred onto our lawyers, then all costs associated in the collection of the outstanding money including Contingent Fee’s, debt collection fees, commission or legal cost will be incurred by the client and these charges will be due and payable in 7 days.
  19. The client agrees to make all cheques payable to The Graffiti Eaters Pty. Ltd. Addressed to 29 The Concord, Bundoora Victoria 3083.
  20. The Graffiti Eaters reserves the right to change any of the above conditions from time to time.